5 Things You Must STOP Doing to Be a Successful Person

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They say you get what you give. Well, you also get what you give up.

Achieving personal and professional success should be everyone’s mission. And while we all take different paths, most of us have that same goal in mind. Whether we get there or not depends on numerous factors, some of which are beyond our control.

However, as one Forbes writer put it, there are a number of things we must give up in order to be a high-achieving individual. So take a second and think about what sacrifices you are willing to make to turn your dreams into reality.

1. Forgetting Your Feelings

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Are you afraid of the #feelz ? Stop that.

Your emotional reaction and subsequent thoughts are actually critical to personal growth and success. If you feel anxious, think about what that might mean. Perhaps something needs to be addressed so you can feel balanced again.

Think of your feelings as messages from your brain that you need to open and read through. Sometimes no one knows you better than yourself.

2. Unhealthy Habits

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We all have our vices. For me, it’s ice cream. For others, it’s alcohol. And for many of us, it’s watching too much Netflix.

Taking care of your body and mind should be top priority. Be realistic and take an introspective look at what habits of yours lean toward the unhealthy side.

You may be surprised that you consume just a few too many drinks during the week. Or maybe you should start an exercise program to keep your heart pumping. Take care of your health so you can take care of everything else.

3. Giving Excuses

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My high school journalism teacher put it best, “Excuses are like bellybuttons. Everyone has one and nobody cares.” I still think of that quote that I heard over a decade ago and for good reason…it’s true!

The real world doesn’t care about a flat tire. It doesn’t stop because of a headache. And it certainly won’t wait for you to motivate yourself to get moving.

Excuses represent a temporary fix. Often, however, there is a deeper issue that needs to be addressed. Stop making excuses and start searching for solutions that will put you on a path for success.

4. Operating Alone

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“If you want something done right than do it yourself.”

That may come in handy once in a while, but that way of thinking will likely lead to burnout, stress and a whole lot of headaches. Achieving individual success is not necessary an individual effort. We are all part of a team in some way. We have colleagues at work. Maybe you have a weekend running group. We all have family and friends.

Don’t feel the need to take on everything yourself. Build and utilize a strong support system to help you break through any barriers to success.

5. Taking Shortcuts

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Don’t always take the easy road. In fact, there are often times when the more difficult path leads to greater rewards.

Sometimes we must take a risk in order to reach for the stars. Consider taking on new challenges and don’t skirt around the good old concept of hard work. You may just surprise yourself at what you can accomplish when you abandon the shortcut mentality.