5 Things Your Gym Won’t Tell You About Those Sign Up Discounts

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Good luck finding an open treadmill after the New Year’s fireworks have ended.Gyms across the United States see a major uptick in membership sales right after everyone makes their New Year’s resolution to lose weight. Yet, the promise to get in shape can come at a cost to customers.

And if you’re not careful about reading the fine print (which can often include hefty cancellation fees), you could lose more money than pounds on the scale.

Here are five things your gym isn’t telling you when they put on new year deals.

1. Look Past the Giveaways

Don’t fall victim to the “Free Friday Pizza” giveaway or the complimentary snack counter. After all, isn’t the key to this whole weight loss thing about willpower?

While it may seem like a tantalizing reason to sign up, tread cautiously when it comes to the excessive giveaways.

DealNews consumer analyst Michael Bonebright says,

“Chances are, these ‘perks’ are built into the cost of your membership, so you can probably find a lower rate without them.

You can always bring your own healthy snacks.”

Maybe a free slice of pepperoni pizza isn’t a great idea before a sauna session.

2. Take Your Time To Sign Up

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While most people are quick to sign up for a gym membership once January hits, it’s actually best to be patient. Many commercial gyms offer discounted rates, zero sign-up fees and other perks in an effort to ramp up their sales in the new year.

However, DealNews recommends waiting till the end of the month (including January) to maximize your savings. If you’re lucky, sales representatives will be desperate to reach their monthly quota, which can be a great opportunity for a potential customer to score a sweet deal.

3. Read the Fine Print

As with any contract, take the time to read every line. And I mean every line.

Gyms are notorious for hiding cancellation fees and making it downright difficult to get out of your contract. Don’t fall for a good sales pitch and realize later that those promises weren’t put in writing.

Study the contract carefully before signing, or maybe even look for a gym that offers month-to-month memberships.

4. Shop Around

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Never fall for the first gym you see. There could be better options out there.

The fitness industry is extremely competitive, and you can find great deals on Groupon or other social sites that could save you serious cash every month.

Shop around and read reviews of the gyms in your area before committing.

5. Don’t Become a Statistic

Ready to attack the new year and get in shape? So is everyone else.

Unfortunately, many people enter the new year with great intentions but fall short in results. In fact, according to research conducted by the International Health Racquet & Sportsclub Association, although more than 12 percent of all new gym members join in January, a significant portion of those new year members give up within five months.

Make sure you are fully invested in changing your lifestyle and your health before you put pen to paper on your new gym contract.

So those are our 5 tips. Do you have any? Share them with us in the comments!