5 Tips Scientifically Proven to Make You More Attractive


I’m not a scientist, not by a long shot, but the people behind these tips sure are! That’s why you need to listen up if you’re trying to have a little more luck in the dating field.

Good luck out there!

1. Wear red

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Science has shown that red is pleasing to the eye and that men associate the color with roses, heat, and sex. Those are definitely all big pluses for looking more attractive. Psychologist Alec Beall said, “In 2013, my colleagues and I even noted this effect among a small-scale society in Burkina Faso, West Africa, suggesting that men’s attraction to red is a cultural universal.”

2. Don’t play hard to get

Photo Credit: Pexels

We’re told from a young age that we should play hard to get, but science shows that the opposite is actually true. A study from Germany showed that people are more attracted to others if they can easily understand their emotions. The author of the study said, “Partners must understand and continuously update information about their partner’s current intentions and motivation, anticipate the other’s behavior, and adapt their own behavior accordingly.”

No more games, okay?

3. Get a dog

Photo Credit: pxhere

Hey, science says so. If you have a dog, you have an instant conversation starter. A study from France showed that women were three times as likely to give their number to a guy with a dog as opposed to a guy without a pooch. Makes sense, right? Maybe it’s time to go buy a dog, hmmmm?

4. Stop stressing

Photo Credit: Max Pixel

The more stressed out you are, the less attractive you are to people: that’s a fact. And it’s not just showing up in our faces. A study showed that somehow others can sense that stress is part of a weakened immune system. The author of the study said, “Women seem to be able to detect the men who’ve got the strongest immune response, and they seem to find them the most attractive.”

5. Hang out with your friends

Photo Credit: Flickr,Pepe Pont

People look more attractive when they’re hanging out with a group. Research shows that people tend to “average out” faces when we look at a group of people as opposed to a single person. Psychologist Jeremy Nicholson said, “Typical or average facial features have been shown to be initially attractive and appealing to potential partners.” A study from Spain even showed that men actually prefer women with average, or typical, features.