Here Are 5 of the Toughest Puzzles to Test Your Logic

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You’ll have to put your logic-working to the test to solve these 5 puzzles – and we hope you’re up to the task! Because if you aren’t… we’re not going to do a god damned thing. That’s how serious this is!

No, we kid, but these are actually quite difficult. We scoured the internet for 5 truly tough puzzles to make you think, scratch your head and maybe hit something a bit too hard.

After you done icing your hand because you put it through the wall… you can look below for the answers.

But do yourself a favor… give yourself a little bit of time before you look down there… you unrepentant cheater, you…

Alright, let’s get to it!

#1. How many squares do you count?

Trust us, it’s A LOT more than you think. Hint: draw this out with a pencil and then put Xs in all of them you see and count those up.

Photo Credit: PlayBrain

#2. How many holes are in this shirt?

Photo Credit: Play Brain

#3. How many numbers are in this image?

Photo Credit: PlayBrain

#4. How many watermelons do you see?

Photo Credit: PlayBrain

#5. What is the smallest number you can form by taking away three of the matchsticks?

Photo Credit: PlayBrain

Scroll down the page for the answers!

#1. There are FORTY squares in that entire thing. We told you there were a lot!

#2. Four. Yeah… FOUR! Not two.

The holes go all the way through – 2 holes in the front, 2 in the back.

We’re not counting the neck and arm spots, which aren’t actually holes but intentional openings.

But if we WERE, the answer would be 8.

But we’re not. So it’s 4.

#3. Ten different numbers

Did you get this one? No you didn’t, you liar.

Photo Credit: PlayBrain

#4. Five

Slice the ones in the middle in half, and you’ve got 4 quarters. Those quarters fit into the 3/4s watermelons, and then the 4 remaining quarters create another whole watermelon.

See, math is easy!

#5. Three Hundred and Forty-Three

Photo Credit: PlayBrain

Alright, so tell us the truth… how many did you get right?

Let us know in the comments!