5 Small Tricks Google Uses To Encourage Their Employees to Eat Healthy

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Sometimes we just need a little push to make better choices when it comes to food – but not like, obvious ones, because who likes to be told what to do?

No one, a fact that tech giant Google obviously knows, because they’ve used their legendary cafeterias to silently urge their employees and guests into eating more healthy (and liking it, too!).

A five-year study of the eating habits at Google HQ reveal that the cafeteria’s patrons are making smarter, healthier choices, though, so what gives?

It turns our that their food program uses subtle but effective approaches to convincing people to eat more vegetables, fruit, and fish while eschewing empty calories.

Here are 5 simple ways they’re changing the way people eat.

5. Spa Water

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Instead of making soda visible and an obvious choice, Google puts out urns of water filled with cucumbers, berries, and lemons – they’re attractive and beautiful and convince people that water isn’t the boring choice after all.

4. Meat is discouraged.

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There is meat on their buffets, but it is often the last option offered, and only one of several choices ahead of it. Their Indian buffet offers many vegetarian curries, all of which look and smell as yummy as the meat option at the end, so most people’s plates are already full by the time they get there.

3. Smaller plates

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The buffet line features 10-inch plates instead of the standard 12-inch versions, which help with portion control and also, people find their plates are full of healthy stuff with no room for anything else!

2. Vegetables are for all meals.

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In America, we tend to think that breakfast should be made of salty meat, carbs, and sugar, but the truth is, fruits and vegetables should be a staple at every meal.

1. And they go at the front of the line.

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Their buffet line starts with veggies and fruit that are followed by proteins, and finally the desserts. The chefs create delicious plant-based dishes that fill up plates and don’t leave room for sweets!

Okay, so I’m convinced…though I’m not sure these will work on my toddlers (or my husband, to be honest).

I suppose it’s worth a try – are you going to implement some of these in your business or home?

Tell us which options are inspiring you!