6 Helpful Life Hacks You Can Learn From YouTube

Photo Credit: Pixabay

These days, YouTube can become your best friend. After all, with so much free time and nowhere else to go, why not learn a thing or two that can save you time and impress your friends and family? While taking shortcuts may not always be the right decision, there are times where salvaging a situation or doing something yourself can pay off big time.

Here are six incredible life hacks you can learn just by watching YouTube videos:

1. How to Brew Kombucha

Health aficionados swear by kombucha. And while the flavor isn’t for everyone, the health benefits of drinking this magical elixir are intriguing.

By watching the video tutorial above, you can become your own brewmaster right at home. Simply gather the necessary ingredients and witness the wonderful science of fermentation unfold right before your eyes. Raise your glasses, everyone!

2. How to Speed-Read

Now it’s probably not a good idea to speed read through your girlfriend’s six-paragraph text, but that doesn’t mean the need for speed can’t come in handy in other situations.

For those stuck at home in #socialdistancing mode, reading a book can be both relaxing and rewarding. However, you can actually make your reading experience far more efficient using some of the tips outlined in Ron White’s speed reading tutorial. Did you finish this sentence already?

3. How to Make Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs

Tired of eating scrambled eggs every time you make breakfast? There’s nothing more delectable than a perfectly cooked hardboiled egg. Yet, many amate*r home cooks are terrified of tossing an egg into boiling water and waiting for the perfect moment to pluck it out.

Stop settling for those overcooked, dry yolks. And stop dealing with an undercooked, slimy mess. The YouTube tutorial above will ensure your eggs come out perfectly every single time. Just make sure to have an ice bath ready!

4. How to Save a Burnt Cake

Baking is definitely an art…and a science. There’s a certain level of creative freedom afforded to making a cake. And if you don’t follow the instructions, you can end up with a burnt mess of a “dessert”.

Now, if you accidentally overcooked your cake, you can still salvage it. Pull out a cheese grater and start sanding away at any burnt edges before you start slicin’.

5. How to Frost Cake Like a Pro

Now if you managed to actually bake your cake to moist perfection, you’re going to need to frost it. Instead of slathering on some sloppily conceived frosting, learn how the pros do it.

Of course, there’s no baking pro better than Martha Stewart. Check out her Kitchen Conundrums video to learn what tools you’ll need to deliver a professional quality cake.

6. How to Pack a Suitcase

Ever wondered how to fit 10 outfits into one suitcase? Well, depending on how extravagant your wardrobe is, there may just be a way to make it all work.

Travel pros can attest to the importance of a well-packed suitcase. And by watching this video, you’ll be shocked at how efficient you can pack for your next vacation. Maybe you’ll be able to sneak an extra bottle of wine after all.

Are you ready to test out these newly acquired skills at home? Are there any interesting life hacks you care to share?

Let us know in the comments below!