6 Riddles You Can Share with the Kids in Your Life

What could be a more fun and wholesome activity to do with your kids on the internet than solving a few fun and simple riddles? There’s basically nothing better – and to that end, we’ve got 6 good ones!

Go ahead, get your kids and bring them to the phone. This will be fun.

Okay, it’s just you? Well, that’s fine too. I mean, you’re trying to solve riddles designed for children, but they’ll still be fun.

And away we go!

#6. Begins and ends with E…

#5. Changing spots. The leopard way.

Continue reading to see the answer!

#4. A dry family. The drier the better!

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#3. Snap, Crackle, and… that’s the question…

#2. Mary’s children. All of them. There’s a lot.

#1. A train crash. Death. What a bummer.

Alright, so here’s what we’re going to call a break.

Just a small break in the action.

Getting ready to give you the answers.

But not quite yet.

We’re getting there.

Just a little more time now.

We’re getting close.

Okay, let’s see those answers!

ANSWER #6. What begins with an ‘E’ but only has 1 letter?

ANSWER #5. How can a leopard change its spots?

ANSWER #4. How did the kids and dog stay dry without an umbrella?

ANSWER #3. What are the names of David’s parents’ 3 children?

ANSWER #2. If Mary’s 4 daughters all have a brother, how many children does Mary have?

ANSWER #1. If every single person died in a train crash, who survived?

Come back another day for more! We post these every week. Because they’re fun!

Btw, which one of these was the most challenging?

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