6 Things to Keep in Your Home to Sprout Good Fortune, Peace, and Security

Photo Credit: Unsplash, Daniel Brubaker

Are you superstitious? Maybe religious? Or perhaps your neither, but do like a bit of spirituality in your life.

This list will give you some insight to items you should have in your home. That is, if you want to boost good energy, ward away evil, or simply want some cool decorations.

#6. Feng Shui

Photo Credit: Pixabay

This has been around forever. Marie Kondo, may be trying to rekindle this ancient art of good energy by eliminating clutter.

But either way, Feng Shui will “spark joy”.  But it’s more than decluttering. It’s a school of thought that free-flowing energy can help you live your best life.

While there isn’t enough room in this article to cover all the complexities of this ancient belief know that you should include elements of wood, water, metal, earth, and fire within the home.

#5. Elephants

Are you an elephant lover? This could be your thing. According to Buddist and Hindu beliefs, the elephant god (Ganesha and Ganapati, respectively) are sometimes called The Remover of Obstacles, and The Deity of Good Fortune.

But before you buy any old elephant, make sure his trunk is in the upright position as this heralds good luck!

#4. Turtles

Believe it or not, this slow going creature is a celestial guardian for Feng Shui. It’s said to be the “guardian of homes”.

If you have a real tortoise shell or just a statue, it’s said these provide wealth, good sleep, strong health, and financial windfalls.

But be careful about how you position it. One should face this adorable creature towards the front door for protection.

#3. The Color Red

A bold statement but this color is embraced by many cultures around the world. In India, brides cover themselves in gorgeous red garments to show purity and prosperity.

And the Chinese New Year believes that red will foster good fortune. So slip a small vase, rug, or wall hanging in your house to bring out these vibes.

#2. Pigs

Photo Credit: Pexels, Skitterphoto

Remember your first piggy bank? It was a place to stash your allowance to spend on a rainy day. But this little icon gives good fortune from a historical sense, rather than a religious one. But why?

Apparently, in Germany, if someone possessed “plenty of pigs” it meant “wealth and prosperity in the Middle Ages.”

#1. Acorns

Photo Credit: Pixabay

You may have noticed friends using this hearty seed for fall decorations. But this hard nut is more.

According to Learn Religions,

“The acorn only appears on a fully mature oak, it is often considered a symbol of the patience needed to attain goals over long periods of time. It represents perseverance and hard work.”

If you’re searching for patience in your life, you might want to find an acorn from a maturing Oak and keep it near you.

While there are many other symbols of fortune, prosperity, and safety in the world, these items are a great start for anyone looking to foster good energy within the home!

So, get decorating!