Sexuality, Resort Management, And Pop Music — 7 College Majors You Didn’t Know Existed

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Everyone knows about psychology, English and biology. But if you’re a prospective college student, there are a number of interesting college majors that you probably didn’t know existed.

From studying specific genres of music to learning more about horses, there truly is a subject matter available for just about every curious mind. Let’s take a closer look at seven college majors that you could consider pursuing if it fits your fancy.

1. Sexuality – San Francisco State University

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Don’t judge this one by the name alone. If you are interested in learning about the wide-ranging topics involved with human sexuality, San Francisco State University is the place to go.

This college major allows you to explore sexuality from a number of angles, including its role in the arts and literature. You might just pick up a few tips that could help you right at home.

2. Jazz Studies – University of North Texas, East Carolina University and University of Louisville

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Music aficionados can study the soulful tones of jazz at a few different colleges, including the University of Louisville.

Not only will students learn how to play jazz music but they also will get exposure to the genre’s unique history and cultural impact. So pick up your saxophone and start applying!

3. Pop Music – University of Southern California

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If the slower pace of jazz studies doesn’t do the trick, you can still pursue a music-related degree at USC. G

et started on your journey to pop fame by learning about the history of pop music as well as the writing process. If you dedicate yourself to learning the ins and outs of the music business and have an ounce of talent, you may just make your music dreams come true.

4. EcoGastronomy – University of New Hampshire

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For health-conscious students, the University of New Hampshire offers a unique college major known as EcoGastronomy.

This program was launched in 2008 and focuses on sustainability, nutrition, agriculture and hospitality. By the time you’re done, you’ll definitely have a deeper appreciation and understanding of where our food comes from.

5. Equine Studies – Becker College

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Animal lovers should certainly consider enrolling at Becker College in Massachusetts for their Equine Studies program.

At Becker, students can even prepare to become a ride instructor. Other programs, including the one at the University of Maryland, offer classes in pasture management and horse reproduction. Saddle up and get studying!

6. Astrobiology – Florida Tech

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Ever dreamed of exploring space? Do you want to discover what happens outside of Earth?

At Florida Tech, you can pursue a degree in astrobiology—a truly out-of-this-world college major. It’s probably best to leave your little telescope at home and learn from the professionals.

7. Resort Management – Ferris State University

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Nobody appreciates a great vacation like me. And one of the critical components to a successful getaway is the resort.

At Ferris State University, students can obtain a degree in resort management and learn everything from golf course maintenance to advertising to stocking a bar. Superior customer service and attention to detail can make all the difference in a guest’s experience.

And at the end of the day, who wouldn’t want to work at a five-star hotel someday?