7 Documentaries So Strange You Might Regret Turning Them On

If you clicked on this article then there’s a good chance you’re like me – you make questionable television choices and end up freaking yourself out when you really didn’t mean to.

Also, when you’re home alone. *shudder*

That said, if you are like me you’re probably also a glutton for punishment, so there’s a good chance these 7 weird-as-heck documentaries will be right up your alley.

7. There’s Something Wrong With Aunt Diane

In 2009, Diane Schuler was on the highway, going the wrong direction at 85 mph. She crashed into another car, killing herself, her daughter, three of her nieces, and three other people.

An autopsy revealed elevated blood alcohol levels, but her husband said she wasn’t a woman who would ever drink to excess.

The documentary follows the final days of her life and seeks to understand what happened on the day of her death.

Watch it on HBO Max.

6. The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

In 2007, The three-year-old daughter of the McCann’s, Madeleine, vanished from the bedroom where she was sleeping. She and her family were on vacation and her parents were not in the residence, but at a restaurant in the resort.

They checked on the children several times and once they discovered her missing, sounded the alarm.

Police investigated for months, creating the most high-profile milling child case in the world, but the case has never been solved.

And Madeleine has never been found.

Watch it on Netflix.

5. The Woman Who Wasn’t There

Who was Alicia Esteve Head?

She was the president of the World Trade Center Survivors’ Network, having lived through 9/11 on the 78th floor. Her fiance died in the attack.

Except she wasn’t in the World Trade Center that day. She wasn’t even in the country.

Who was Alicia Esteve Head really?

You’ll have to watch the documentary on Amazon Prime to find out.

4. Last Breath

For most of us, being abandoned and trapped 100 meters under the ocean, no air and no hope of survival, is pretty much our worst nightmare.

When harsh weather caused his ship to drift, breaking his breathing cable, that was Chris Lemons’ reality – and this documentary uses interviews and security footage from the ship to relay his final moments.

Watch it on Netflix.

3. Dreams of a Life

Be careful letting automation handle too much of your life – Joyce Carol Vincent did, and it took three years for anyone to find her dead body.

This documentary on Amazon Prime does a deep dive into how it all happened.

2. Three Identical Strangers

Bobby Shafran was leaving for college in the 1980s when he found out he was an identical twin. Their pictures were posted in the paper, and then a third identical triplet emerged from the woodwork.

The brothers questioned why they were split up in the first place, and why they were never told about each other, only to learn they’d been part of a government-sponsored study their entire lives.

Get ready to feel uneasy watching this doc on Hulu.

1. Evil Genius

In 2003, pizza delivery driver Brian Wells robbed a bank, a bomb strapped around his neck. He claimed he was being forced to commit the robbery, and if he didn’t get the money, the people behind it all would detonate the bomb.

This documentary tries to answer the question of whether Wells was the victim or a conspirator from the beginning.

It’s on Netflix if you’re curious.

I’m going to hate myself after I watch these but I’m not mad about it.

Have you see any of these? Have you watched something similar? Give us your thoughts in the comments!