7 Things You Should Immediately Do After Checking into Any Hotel Room

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Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or someone who only occasionally stays at hotels, you’ll definitely benefit from paying attention to this advice.

The first thing you probably want to do after you get into a new hotel room is kick off your shoes and watch a little TV, but you should always go through this checklist before you start relaxing and ordering room service.

Trust us.

1. Open up those blinds to fight jet lag

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

One traveling CEO suggests that you should always open the blinds in your room to let the sun in to combat that unpleasant jet lag.

2. Declutter and rearrange

Make the room feel more like home by putting away all the things you don’t need that come with a standard hotel room: pens, pads of paper, toiletries, etc. And rearrange the furniture to your liking.

3. Check the alarm

Photo Credit: Pexels

You never know if the last guest left an alarm for 4 a.m., so make sure to check the alarm so you don’t get a rude awakening.

4. Do a cleanliness check

This is always a good idea because even though things may look spotless on the surface, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You might also want to have some Lysol wipes handy to wipe down the bathroom counters, the thermostat, and the light fixtures.

5. Bed bug alert!

Photo Credit: US Air Force

The dreaded bug bed scourge has been found in hotels from coast to coast, unfortunately. Check the bed and the furniture in your room first thing – you may regret it if you don’t.

6. Security check

Safety first, people. Complete a thorough security check of your room, including the door locks, the safe (if you need it), and make sure you and the other people you’re staying with all know fire escape routes.

7. Smell test

Photo Credit: Flickr,mmntz

Give your room a big whiff to see if you detect any smoke, urine, chemicals, etc. If you smell something amiss, don’t ever be afraid to change rooms. You’re paying for it, remember?!?!

Happy travels!