8 Facts About Dogs That Confirm Our Lives Would Be Garbage Without Them

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Dogs are the literal best, you guys, and humans totally do not deserve them. They love us anyway, and those of us on the receiving end of that affection know that our lives would not be nearly as rich, full, and – sure – slobber-filled, without them.

The 8 facts below just confirm what dog lovers already know – but they might lure a few cat-lovers away from the dark side!

#8. Dogs can reduce allergies in humans.

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Pets can actually reduce the instances of allergies in their humans, says a study published by Medical News Today back in 2015. Not only that, but if children have pets from an early age, their immune systems are stronger and less susceptible to allergies.

#7. Dog owners have lower blood pressure.

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A study out of New York University conducted a study that found that dog owners have lower blood pressure and stress levels.

#6. They also have a lower risk of having a stroke.

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Scientists at Brooklyn College found that dog owners have lower risks of both strokes and heart attacks compared to their non-dog owning counterparts.

#5. Lower cholesterol? That too!

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This study proved dog owners don’t have to worry as much about their cholesterol, either, though this one may be linked to dog owners being more physically active.

#4. People with dogs are more psychologically healthy.

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Dogs make you happy, according to research that shows that 60% of people who suffer from psychological diseases feel as if their dog helps stabilize their moods and control their depression and anxiety.

#3. Dog owners have a higher pain tolerance.

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According to scientists at Washington State University, dogs help people relax and draw their focus away from their own pain.

#2. They can help you be more social.

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Studies show that people with dogs are more likely to start conversations with other people more often, and also that they’ll get to know their neighbors faster.

#1. We get better sleep.

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This may seem counterintuitive, seeing how they hog the bed, but this study showed that 41% of dog owners slept better with their dogs in their bed with them.

I’m totally not surfing adoption sites right now.

Don’t tell my husband.