8 Striking Before-and-After Pictures That Show the Effects of Climate Change

Image Credit: Reddit

There’s a lot of back and forth about climate change these days. It’s become political and everyone has an opinion on whether or not it’s real and how big of an issue it is, etc etc etc.

It can be hard to imagine things on a large scale, though, especially if what’s happening isn’t necessarily happening in a way we can all see it at that moment, don’t you think? Climate change looks different depending on where you live, of course, and it often looks far different that we would expect, as well.

Add in the incremental way things are changing, and well – maybe it’s not hard to believe that people would struggle to grasp how bad things are getting.

That old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” really is true, though, and it’s hard to argue with before and after pictures like these 8.

8. McCarty Glacier, Alaska.

It’s basically all melted at this point.

Image Credit: US Geological Survey

7. Pedersen Glacier, Alaska.

There sure is a lot more green space now.

Image Credit: US Geological Survey

6. Coral reefs in American Samoa.

This honestly makes me a bit sick to my stomach.

Image Credit: The Ocean Agency

5. Northwestern Glacier, Alaska.

It’s amazing to see how much has disappeared.

Image Credit: US Geological Survey

4. Muir Glacier, Alaska.

It’s pretty and scary at the same time.

Image Credit: US Geological Survey

3. Carroll Glacier, Alaska.

This one is extra depressing for some reason.

Image Credit: US Geological Survey

2. Kangaroo Island, Australia.

How can that even be the same place?

Australia’s fires are like nothing seen ever before from interestingasfuck

1. Christmas Island Coral Reef

It’s 90% gone now, and it’s probably never coming back.

Before and after coral bleaching on Christmas Island where 90% of the reef has died from Damnthatsinteresting

It’s just sad, don’t you think?

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