8 Style Secrets of Women Who Always Look Good

Listen up, ladies!

Because we have some style secrets for you to check out today and they come from women who always look like they got it goin’ on.

Take these into consideration next time you want to mix it up a bit!

1. Style uniform.

Develop style uniforms that work for you to look good and to save time.

For example, create a basic uniform that you wear to work, one for running errands, and one for a casual night out with friends.

You might wear a pair of pants, a blazer, earrings, and heels to the office. And your errand-running uniform might be jeans, a turtleneck, and sneakers.

If you have your own uniforms down pat, you’ll be able to throw them together in no time.

2. The right colors.

You should always wear what you feel comfortable in, but it’s important to do some research and see what colors flatter you the most.

That includes modeling different clothes to see what looks good and also looking into what colors will compliment your skin tone.

And keep in mind that red looks good on EVERYONE.

3. Shoes are important.

Shoes make the woman, right? And if you’re wearing the wrong pair, it’ll throw off your whole look.

The first thing to do is cover the basics with white sneakers, short black boots, knee-high boots, heels, loafers, and sandals.

After you have these staples in your closet, try out some different shoes to see what works for you. And experiment with colors to that can help make your outfit pop.

4. Go see the tailor.

It can be a struggle to find clothes that fit correctly, so make sure you find a good tailor and have them take a look at your clothes.

They might just need a quick pinch here and there to keep you looking great. And this goes double for pieces you get at vintage and thrift stores.

5. Five minutes or less.

You should become an expert at fixing up at least one hairstyle that you can do in five minutes or less.

Think about various scarves and headbands that make you look good and talk to your hairstylist to see if they have any suggestions about quick fixes that would look great on you.

6. Don’t forget your nails.

Don’t forget about your nails!

In between your trips to the nail salon, use cuticle oil and clear shellac to give your nails a nice glow. And think about getting a gel manicure because they can last up to 20 days.

7. Outerwear.

You can never have enough outerwear, ladies!

And the easiest way to throw together a stylish look in spring, fall, or winter is to have a solid collection of jackets, coats, and blazers.

Because these can be expensive, you should try to collect one or two each season and hit up your local thrift stores and vintage shops for second-hand outerwear.

8. Posture is important!

And finally, remember that posture is important and it says a lot about you to other people.

So try to work on it every day when you are standing up and walking AND when you’re sitting at a desk.

Good posture is crucial and it’ll do a lot for your confidence!

Do you have any style tips?

If so, please share them with us in the comments.

Thanks a lot!