8 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer, Even Without an Air Conditioner

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In the peak of summer, going outside can feel like stepping straight into an open-air sauna. Five minutes of the oppressive rays and heat are enough to make even the hardiest person wilt.

If you don’t have an air conditioned space to retreat to – or you need to stay outside for some reason – here are 8 ways to beat the heat.

8. Utilize your pulse points.

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Your pulse points are where you can feel your pulse, because the blood vessels there are positioned close to the surface.

If you apply ice or a cold cloth there, your body will get cooler faster – check your neck, wrists, the insides of your elbows and knees, the tops of your feet, the insides of your ankles, your inner thighs, and in front of your ears.

7. Close the curtains.

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Some people estimate that around 30% of unwanted heat comes in through the windows, so if your house is feeling overly warm, make it as dark as possible.

6. Exercise near a lake.

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Summer is no excuse for not being healthy, but you can stay at least a little cooler by running next to a lake, river, or ocean, since bodies of water cool the surrounding area at least a few degrees.

5. Create a wind tunnel.

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If you don’t have an attic fan, you can still do this – open windows on the opposite sides of your house or apartment, then place a fan inward on one side, outward on the opposite.

4. Hang a damp sheet in front of an open window.

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Double your money by hanging a damp sheet in front of your incoming wind tunnel window – the air stream traveling through your house will be even cooler.

3. Check your fans.

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Your ceiling fans should spin counter-clockwise, helping to create a downward breeze.

In winter, they should go the opposite way, which forces air upward so warmer air can circulate.

2. Menthol is your friend.

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No, not cigarettes – those aren’t your friends – but the menthol in things like peppermint trick our bodies into feeling cool.

If you brew some peppermint tea, cool it, then spray it on your skin from a bottle, you’ll feel relief!

1. Repurpose your hot water bottle.

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If you can’t sleep, fill your hot water bottle with ice water and place it under your ankles and/or knees. It will cool your body and help you crash for the night.

I’m definitely going to keep these in my back pocket!

What are your tips for staying cool in the middle of summer? Share them with us in the comments!