Anyone who has ever worked in a customer-facing role knows that people can be absolutely awful even when you give them little to know reason.

Luckily, if you’ve been at a job long enough, you know each and every passive-aggressive way to get back at people who are rude because they feel like it – and you’ll employ all of the ones that won’t get you fired.

Here are 8 people willing to dish on just how they manage to have their way with the customers who totally deserve it.

Bartender revenge might be petty, but it’s annoying for sure.

“My tactic was giving rudes at this bar I worked at their change in the smallest coins.”


This is truly evil and I love it.

“While working behind a bar, we always had a snobby stuck-up woman flounce in the pub regularly and throw a long fur coat at us and demand we look after it.

One evening we stuffed prawns in the hem of the coat. Never saw her wear it again.”


Also don’t lean over the sneeze guard, ffs.

“I work at Chipotle, so there’s a lot of stuff for rude customers.

When someone is nice, I give them a little bit of extra meat with no charge, I’ll make sure not to forget anything you asked, be as fast as possible making your food, and even might give you large chips if you ask for regular.

When you’re rude, you get more juice than beans, the smallest bit of meat, the brown, older guac, and the lightest chip bag with the littlest amount of chips. Ah, and I won’t fill your guac/queso container to the top.”


Go on with your wet hair, woman.

“I used to work at Target and anyone who works retail knows that the online stock is not completely accurate as to what we actually have in store.

One day, I had a lady call in and start yelling at my employees and then me because we didn’t have the particular hair dryer she was looking for. While she was in the middle of her rant, my employee found it in the go-backs bin and brought it to my attention.

I could’ve interrupted her and let her know that we’d found it. Instead, I let her scream herself hoarse and told my employee to wait until close to put it back on the shelf.”


A diabolical way to get back at rude furniture buyers.

“Whenever we have a rude or disrespectful customer, I would leave small screws or joints out of their furniture so that it wobbled.”


Like a sloth.

“I used to work as a cashier at a very busy retail chain.

If I heard/noticed someone complaining about how slow the line was moving, I’d just move even slower.”


Do not anger your barista, caffeine junkies.

“I give them decaf coffee when they asked for regular or fill it half or quarter of the way with their coffee of choice and then fill the rest with hot water.”


Tips be d**ned.

“As a server, if I was busy and you kept getting all pissed off with me that your food wasn’t ready, 10 minutes after you ordered, I would actively find other things to do instead of checking if your food was ready.”


You know how you avoid this kind of stuff, y’all? Just be kind to the people helping you!

If you work in customer service, share your own secrets with us in the comments!