10 Times The World Made Us Smile From Ear to Ear

Image Credit: Reddit

It’s never a bad time to scroll through a list of posts that were designed to make the world a better place – and there’s no arguing that these pictures are just too adorable to keep a straight face.

I’m serious. You can’t convince me that you didn’t break into a grin at more than half of these. My heart is like the size of a buckeye and they made me silly smile.

10. Oh snap!

Look who’s getting married next!

My boyfriend told me "Under no circumstances are you allowed to catch the bouquet". Apparently God had other plans. from funny

9. Oh my goodness how did they even spot it?

Seriously that would never happen to me.

Got lucky yesterday. from pics

8. This child’s smile could cure cancer.

And let’s not even go into his outfit.

My sons digging the race car shopping cart! from happy

7. “You can’t see who is driving, Officer.”

Because the bird, you see.

Bird bro heroically saving them from a fine from AnimalsBeingBros

6. What does it MEAN?

If this was a Stephen King novel, sh*t would be about to happen.

My friend found a sailboat in her wagon wheel macaroni. from mildlyinteresting

5. Oohhh that baby raccoon got a second chance at life.

You never know what crows are gonna do don’t look away.

A bird landed on my truck hood while i was at a stop light and left me a little present when it flew away. from aww

4. I have a lot of questions.

It’s cute and all but WHY.

Found this embroidered dollar a few years ago in a parking garage from FoundPaper

3. How can I get this dog to come to my house?

Or to meet me anywhere, honestly.

You’ve been visited by money dog

2. Pictures like these make anyone’s day!

It’s a mundane thing to everyone else, but everything to these two!

Today was the best day ever! from happy

1. Oh my gosh you guys, Grandma is PREPARED.

This is how you know it’s happened before, and it will happen again.

"Grandma, do you have some rice that I can put my phone in? It got wet." – She pulls this out of a cabinet. #preparedgrandma from funny

You’re smiling, right? Don’t lie!

Which one got you the most? Confess in the comments!