9 Photos That Tell a Beautiful Story

Photo Credit: 42dftba

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In the case of these touching photos, I’d have to agree.

1. Life-changing

Photo Credit: reddit

“My girlfriend just got the call that her donor heart is ready. 30 minutes until surgery. We are so happy.”

2. Fatherly love

Photo Credit: reddit, heyjude321

“A middle school in the USA started a ’Breakfast with Dads’ program. But many dads couldn’t make it, and several students didn’t have father figures. The school posted a Facebook request for 50 volunteer fathers… and 600 fathers from all backgrounds showed up.”

3. Seeing double

Photo Credit: Pikabu, Vanito

“A week ago, my cat got lost. But I found it 4 days ago, and today my cat has returned too. Now I have 2 identical cats.”

4. Picture perfect

Photo Credit: reddit, the_Diva

“My cab driver tonight was so excited to share with me that he’d made the cover of the calendar.”

Sales from the NYC Taxi Drivers calendar each year are donated to provide food and shelter for over 30,000 members of NYC’s working class.

5. An officer and a scholar

This is a photo of Alix Idrache, a Haitian immigrant who couldn’t hold back the tears as he graduated with honors from West Point Academy in upstate New York.

West Point is considered one of the most prestigious military universities in the United States. Just seven years prior to this, Alix was living in a tough part of Port-au-Prince and spoke no English.

6. True beauty

Model Paola Antonini (middle) was involved in a tragic accident with a drunk driver, resulting in the loss of her leg. Here, she proudly celebrates the third anniversary of that fateful day.

7. The kindness of strangers

Photo Credit: reddit, wezzer1982

“Sat next to a video game animator on a 6-hour train journey across China. He decided to keep my daughter entertained for a lot of the trip by drawing her portrait and playing with her and also had his dad take us to our hotel. A random stranger but ended up a friend.”

8. A noble soul

Photo Credit: reddit, anetk

Brian, a retiree from Dublin, Ireland, uses money from his own pension to buy, cook, and package 50 tubs of food a night to distribute among the homeless.

9. A beautiful tribute

Photo Credit: reddit, 42dftba

“My dad died on December 15, 2016. Today I got a tattoo.”