A 10-Step Guide to Giving Your Cat a Pill That Really Nails Every Single Step

Image Credit: Instagram

Giving pills to any small creature who doesn’t understand why they need them and absolutely isn’t going to sit quietly and take them is a challenge.

To say the least.

But when it comes to fighting the inevitable, no one goes claws to the wall like an angry cat.

Image Credit: Orias1978, CC BY 2.0

And it’s not because they are against western medicine – I’ve never met an anti-vaxxer cat – they just don’t like to be made to do things against their will. Like, not at all.

So, if you’re faced with giving your beloved cat a dose of medicine for their own good, artist Nick Filippou (I iz Cat) has your back.

Or at least, he’ll make you laugh while you’re salving your vicious, vicious wounds.

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How to give a cat a pill…

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We all know the only thing I can do is wish you luck in your endeavor, and to remind you that your cat’s health is worth the pain and suffering.


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