These Badass Mice Hunt Scorpions and Howl at the Moon (For Real)

Image Credit: Instagram

When you think of mice, you typically think of a small, meek animal who sure, has teeth, but is much more likely to be eaten than to frighten pretty much anything or anyone else (aside from ladies in 1950s kitchens I guess).

These mice, though, are definitely a little bit terrifying. Or a lot, depending on what species you are.

The grasshopper mouse is a skilled hunter. It eats an array of animals, including scorpions, some of which are half of its body length (3.5 to 5-inches) or bigger.

It lives in the United States and Mexico and is unlike any other mouse in the world.

In addition to scorpions, the grasshopper mouse dines on insects (like grasshoppers), lizards, and even other mice – they’re good at hunting and killing, so anything they can catch is fair game.

The mice can grab poisonous centipedes, too, using their quick reflexes to avoid being injected with venom.

What’s more? It will throw its head back and emit a loud, high-pitched cry – howl at the moon, as it were. This wolf-like behavior has earned it the nickname of “werewolf mouse.”

Check out this video to see the mouse in action:

I know I’m a lot bigger than this little guy (and he’s so cute!), but I wouldn’t like to meet him in a dark alley!