A Beer Company Puts Dog Photos on Cans to Help Them Get Adopted


It’s heartbreaking to think about how many abandoned, stray, homeless dogs and cats there are across the country. Animals that are just waiting to find a safe, warm, loving home where they can live out their days in peace and comfort.

And while there are countless shelters and organizations doing great work out there in regard to rescuing and adopting animals, there’s always room for more help, right? Damn right, there is. Fargo Brewing Company in North Dakota recently joined forces with a local animal shelter called 4 Luv of Dog to create beer cans featuring perfect pooches who are looking to get adopted.


The dogs featured on the six-pack of cans are referred to as “Oneders” because they have had a harder time getting adopted due to socializing issues with other canines. On their Facebook page, Fargo Brewing Company said, “It’s our hope that through this event we can raise a little awareness about these ‘one’derful pooches and hopefully find them homes of their own!”

The pups featured on the six-pack are Nyx, Bizzy, Jensen, Hobie, Moby, and Virginia.


The idea for the collaboration came from a man named Jerad Ryan who volunteers at the dog shelter and also works at a company that produces beer labels. Ryan said,

“I approached my boss about donating beer can labels to a brewery willing to feature our dogs. He loved the idea. I asked Fargo Brewing if they would be willing to do this for us and they loved it too. They have gone above and beyond with donating profits and having an event where the public can come and meet our Oneder dogs, as they don’t get to attend events with the other dogs. The response from the community has already been amazing and heartwarming.”


Take some time to browse 4 Luv of Dog’s website to see what wonderful dogs are up for adoption. More of this, please!