A Colorado Town’s Punny Signs Are Making a Whole Lot of Folks Laugh

©Facebook,Indian Hills Community Sign

Indian Hills Community Center in Colorado has some seriously funny folks putting up signs for the whole world to enjoy online.

The signs are full of punny goodness and they’ve gone viral for good reason…they’re hilarious.

If you get a kick out of clever language, you’ll love these signs.

1. Loved her still…

2. Don’t say that in front of her.

3. This one is good.

4. What happened to Y?

5. Hey o! Zing!

6. Ain’t that the truth…

7. On the rocks.

8. LOL. So good.

9. They sure do.

10. This is so good.

11. Getting a little political.

12. I’m currently on this plan.

13. A little chewy.

14. Never forget the commas.

15. Let’s end on a good note.

The guy behind the signs is a volunteer at the community center named Vince Rozmiarek. Well played, sir.

Keep up the good work!