A Comedian Made a Hilarious Video About The Mandela Effect

Julie Nolke is a funny comedian from Canada who you should be paying attention to.

And one of the funny things she likes to do in her bits and skits is to visit her past self from the present.

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And that brings us to this funny video you’re about to see.

We all have those times when we experience The Mandela Effect, where we swear something occurred that actually didn’t take place.

Like maybe you thought Nelson Mandela passed away years before he actually did or that The Berenstain Bears were actually called The BERNSTEIN Bears…I know I believed that when I was a young lad.

And, of course, there is the Mandela Effect phenomenon about Darth Vader’s famous quote that he says to Luke Skywalker that people still like to debate.

It’s all very odd!

And Julie Nolke posted a funny video where she talks with herself about experiencing The Mandela Effect regarding the correct name for Sweden.

Nolke talks to another version of herself about what the country is actually called. And a third Julie Nolke even shows up to help set the record straight.

I wonder how many people who deal with The Mandela Effect actually talk to other versions of themselves…?

Check out the video below to watch the whole video! We know it will make you chuckle!

What’s your weirdest story about The Mandela Effect?

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