Teacher Explains How “First Cousin Once Removed” Actually Works

I suppose there might be people out there who have always understood the difference between cousins, first cousins, second cousins, and cousins once removed, but I’m not sure I’m buying it – it’s just too confusing and even when someone explains it to you, it makes no sense.

Seriously, in one ear and out the other in a way that probably leaves most of our children vulnerable to genetic disease.

That is, until now – when one teacher took to TikTok to make it make sense, once and for all.

Image Credit: TikTok

Kevin Silberman is the hero in question, and he’s a ninth grade social studies teacher (that’s barely in high school, y’all, and they’re probably smarter than us, too). He posted this video about how to parse this whole cousins thing, which has now gone viral with over 11 million views.

He put his 22 years of teaching experience to work here, y’all, so pay attention.

“My uncle’s son would be my first cousin. My first cousin’s son would be my first cousin, once removed.

Removed means down by one generation.”

Image Credit: TikTok

It does not, as many people in the comments believed, mean that the person has been “removed” from the family due to divorce.

But wait! Mr. Silberman isn’t done!

Image Credit: TikTok

“If my first cousin once removed has a son, he would be my first cousin twice removed.

Now, my first cousin’s son, and my son are second cousins. I hope that clears things up.”

Check out the whole video below.

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Let us know down in the comments if this cousin stuff is finally clear for you or if you need a bit more thinking before it sinks all the way in.

For my part, I think I’ve finally got it!