Guy Finds Pattern and Explains All the Types of Disney Songs

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Here’s the thing about Disney and Disney fans – they spend almost as much time thinking about and dissecting Disney as they do loving it. There’s so much to consider, so many layers to what might seem, at first, to be simple, and yeah, so many people to discuss with on the internet.

We talked about the first 9 of Justin McElroy’s 18 types of Disney songs – here are the last (and less prevalent) 9 types that appear in many, if not most, classic Disney films.

First, the tweet that started it all…

And now… the thrilling conclusion!

It’s Dancing Time!

Just Disney doing what Disney does best.


He has strong feelings about this type.

Package Movie Shorts.

There’s a reason you don’t remember any of these.

We Won!

Because every big win deserves a song.

It’s Nature Time.

These happen more in the earlier movies.

Here’s A One-Note Character.

Maybe they have something to say, though.

The Drug Song.

You wouldn’t think there would be as many of these as there are, to be honest.

Life Lesson Time.

Because who doesn’t love that?


This should be self explanatory.

I’m nodding along, because this thesis is well-supported!

What do you think of this discourse? Have you ever thought about it before now?

Making you think – that’s what the internet is for!