Family Freaks out over Hood Surfing Raccoon

Photo Credit: Pexels, Anne Sch

Getting a driver’s license can be nerve-racking – especially if the DMV examiner won’t stop scribbling on a clipboard while you take the road-skills test with. But once you receive that plastic card, you’ve pretty much made it.

Freedom comes calling.

Two days after receiving her license, Haylee Lowery was feeling a bit of that freedom while driving with her parents. The dark and windy road didn’t scare her…until she hit something. Hard.

Her mother, Michelle Lowry said on Facebook, “…Haylee was driving us home from Clarksville…We were on backroads & potholes are literally everywhere, as is the wildlife. I had my head down & Haylee hit, what I guessed was an expensive pothole. I asked her anyway, “what was that?”

A tearful Haylee answered, “”mmmooommmmaaaa, I hit a raccoon!!”

Oh did she.

In a pretty hilarious – not to mention remarkable – turn of events, a few miles down the road, Mr. Raccoon resurfaced on the hood of the car! Windblown and seemingly unharmed, the animal simply looked around.

Check out this real-life video of this hilarious moment!

When Haylee slowed down to let him off the ride, the raccoon jumped off the car and ran away. What a relief!

Her mother, Michele told The Dodo, “I was just thinking, there’s no way this is happening!”

But the raccoon incident taught Haylee a valuable lesson: to be more attentive behind the wheel so she doesn’t put animals (or humans) in danger.

“I think she definitely learned something,” Michelle said. “She said she slowed down last night because she thought she saw another animal. Turned out to be a mailbox.”

Better safe than sorry!

Photo Credit: Michelle Carey Lowry