A Former NASA Engineer Will Help You De-Fog Your Windshield

Image Credit: Instagram

Maybe 90% of the time, I have no trouble clearing the fog from my windshield.

But the other 10% of the time drives me crazy – not to mention, it’s pretty unsafe trying to drive while not really being able to see and also twirling knobs in an attempt to fix it.

It turns out that we can use science to fix that situation – and to make sure that it never happens again.

The simple four-step process comes from NASA engineer and snowball machine gun inventor Mark Rober, and he even utilized the full scientific method to bring it to you.

First, he created a consistent environment that caused his windshield to be blurred in the same way for 10 days straight, in order to test 10 different methods.

At the end of the experiment, he had found one technique that got the job done every time, and in about half the time of any of the other methods.

If you can follow these four steps, your own morning frustration could be a thing of the past!

  1. Turn your heat up all the way.
  2. Turn on your AC.
  3. Turn off your air circulation.
  4. Crack open your windows to let air in for a few seconds.

That’s it, but like any “simple” trick, the key is to remember the order.

Here’s Rober talking you through it:

You might need some crib notes a la George Costanza for awhile, but it’s only four steps. You’ll get it in time.

I have faith in you.