A Great Thread About How To Best Send Job Applications Via Email

It’s a brave new world in about every way possible, in that our grandparents would have no idea how to navigate pretty much any of it with much success.

That’s especially true, perhaps, when it comes to how we find, search, and interview for jobs.

If you’re a first-timer, too, or someone whose been out of the workforce for awhile but are looking to jump back in, this career strategist has some great tips for you.

So dive in with me and check out this advice for how to apply for jobs online and via email!

First, do everything you can to find the correct name and put it in the salutation.

If you absolutely can’t find it, use “Dear Hiring Manager.”

Next, she moves onto what you should put in the subject line.

Then, how to begin:

She also does an option for if this will be your first position.

And then she gives you the tools to close your email effectively and professionally.

Some more tips:

I feel like these tips would really give a person a leg up, right?

If you’ve got more in the same vein, we’re all ears in the comments!