What’s Some Major Gossip You Found Out Recently? People Spoke Up.

I’ve said this before and it’s time to say it again…

I find drama to be pretty entertaining as long as it’s far away from me and I’m not included.

So I do my best to avoid it…

But hearing about it? You gotta love it!

And we’re in luck today!

Folks on AskReddit shared the major gossip that’s going on in their worlds right now.

Let’s take a look.

1. What a dirtbag.

“My coworker makes $10 an hour works part time and pays for her live-in, still married, boyfriends rent and CHILD SUPPORT because he’s “broke.”

She just found his bank receipt showing $17k in his checking account.”

2. It’s a secret.

“Just found out that my brother, who divorced his ex-wife a year ago, got married to a new woman in secret.

I mean secret as in that he hasn’t told his own kids about it (10 and 12 years old).

He hasn’t told us either (rest of the family). My mother just accidently said it to all of us. So now we know but are to pretend we don’t know.

None of us have met his new wife that we don’t know is his wife but still know is his wife.”

3. In disbelief.

“A couple that we have been friends with for a few years now, both very normal people with vanilla jobs, took a trip overseas that was supposed to last a week.

Not unusual for any of our group of friends.

No one had heard from them for close to a month until we found out they’ve been arrested on the other side of the f**king earth trying to smuggle out close to 1 f**king million dollars for an international drug cartel out of the country they where visiting.

When we heard the news we where just sitting there quietly in disbelief for about 5 min…”

4. Party foul.

“My buddy got so d**nk at a party he whipped his d**k out in the living room.

This is juicy because he’s in his mid-30s, has two kids and a great job,his wife told him he did it the next day (cuz he sure as s**t didn’t remember), and nearly everyone present was a co-worker of ours.”

5. Had blinders on.

“My cousin’s wife finally caught him cheating.

For three years he’s been playing her for a fool, but she actually knew.

She just loves him too much.”

6. That hurts.

“I just found out that one of my work colleagues who just returned from an two week expensive holiday with his wife in Iceland has just found out his wife has run up about $50,000 debt on numerous credit cards.”

7. Classy.

“One of my female friends (who looks like a slightly classier version of Courtney Stodden) confessed to me that she enjoys the thought of two hot, shirtless men fighting over her.

She said she is considering goading her boyfriend into fighting some random dude who keeps slipping into her DMs.”

8. Old school drama.

“My grandmother told me a couple months ago that around the time of her divorce from my biological grandfather, another lady in their small town had a baby.

When grandma finally saw the baby, after friends suspiciously tried to keep her from seeing it, it looked exactly like her soon-to-be ex-husband.

I was the first person to be told about this. My mom now knows, but my aunts and uncles have no idea they have another half-sister running around somewhere.”

9. Might not end well.

“Friend is getting married next weekend. They’ve been together a few years and have a 2 year old son.

At his bachelor party, we were all poking fun at him on whether or not he was ready. S**tfaced or sober he is 100% committed to them.

Another friend of mine is close friends with the bride who is apparently questioning everything about their relationship, and has repeatedly stated that he’s not the type of guy she ever imagined seeing herself with.”

10. Shady business.

“This woman I know is dating a very shady guy.

She’s nearly 40 and desperate, so she overlooks a lot of the red flags.

All her friends think he’s an a**hole.

He claims he disappears every now and then because – get this – he works for WikiLeaks.

He is married to someone. He claims that they got married only for visa purposes and they only f**ked like a few times. He has citizenship now, but they aren’t divorced because of some paperwork stuff, involving – you guessed it – WikiLeaks.

He vacillates between having her attend his family events and declaring that he doesn’t believe in marriage and kids. Though, of course, he’s married already.

He recently suggested they be in an open relationship. She has always wanted marriage and kids, so it surprised me she got on board this relatively easily. I suspect it’s because she wants to hold on to him.”

11. Getting pricey.

“My barber got two different girls pregnant, neither of whom are his girlfriend.

Prices have went up a little bit but the phone calls I overhear are worth it.”

12. Juicy!

“A teacher is having an affair with a married security guard.

They’re not very careful about the flirting though because most of the sixth graders have figured it out.

Can’t wait to see what happens.”

13. Why?

“My SIL is pregnant, again, by the same guy she’s been in a (two-way) a**sive relationship with for the past six years.

Despite constantly moving in and out of his house, filing restraining orders against each other, and accusing each other of cheating every day, they PLANNED this one.”

Is there any major gossip going on in your world?

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