What Improved Your Quality of Life So Much That You Wish You Did It Sooner? People Responded.

It’s pretty crazy to think about the things that you prioritize during the different parts of your life.

Now that I’m in my early forties, my favorite things are exercising and going to bed early.

What a wild and crazy guy!

But I’ll leave it up to you to imagine what my priorities were when I was in my twenties…

People on AskReddit talked about the big changes they made that improved their lives.

Let’s take a look.

1. Cutting back.

“Stopped working more than 40 hours a week. Not everyone is so conscientious as to enjoy dedicating their life to their job, and that’s okay.

Also business owners too often don’t understand why their employees aren’t as dedicated to them, well its because it’s their business not ours, the company doing better often has no benefit for the employees, in the “good ole days” you’d get a large bonus based on your performance and company performance and have a clear path for advancement.

A job is not always a career. Don’t treat it like one.”

2. Good job!

“I lost 100 lbs.

I have about 100 more to go, but being so obese you can’t find clothes at Walmart and nearly d**ng from non-essential organ failure at 25 (gallbladder) really isn’t a way to live.

I literally couldn’t run. Or get off the floor without grabbing something. I used to break or bend lawn chairs. NOT FUN. EMBARRASSING AF.”

3. Sounds amazing.

“We are setting up 2 twin beds head to head. He has nerve damage and twitches in the night.

We also are opposites on the hot and cold scale.

I think this will let us hold hands and talk but have our own micro environment.”

4. Don’t care anymore.

“53 yo woman here. A ‘hottie’ in my youth.

The relief and freedom with not feeling like my worth is dependent on my looks is palpable. I stopped dyeing my hair during quarantine and now I have this wild silver streak in the front that I love.

I think I’m going to grow it long again and fully rock the witch vibe. Why? Cuz I’m old enough to no longer give a s**t about other people’s judgment.

Also a lot of more substantial lessons about life and living and death.”

5. Keep going!

“I’ve never considered myself a FITNESS GIRL by any means, but last winter my mental health took such a hit that I had to try something, and I liked it so much I’m still sticking with it.”

6. Works wonders.

“Seeing a therapist.

My dad d**d when I was 16 and I never saw or really talked to anyone about it till I was in my 30s…so many years wasted being angry and sad.”

7. It’s great!

“Working remotely.

Spending money on gas, parking, clothes, etc.

Just not worth it for most of my pre-remote working life.”

8. A big one.

“Setting my own boundaries after realizing that when I didn’t, people set them for me.”

9. Good work!

“Quitting s**king. I couldn’t imagine life without it back then.

But man is life better without a constant need like that, not to mention all the health benefits.”

10. Long, cold winter.

“Taking vitamin D supplements and getting a therapy lamp for the winter. Holy s**t does it make a difference.

I realized after my first year of university that the reason I didn’t do well in the winter semester was because I was feeling depressed and exhausted due to lack of sunlight. I live in Canada, so the days are way shorter in winter.

So when you leave before the sun rises, get home after it sets and wear a coat all day so your skin is exposed to no sunlight, you miss a lot of vitamine D. So I take vitamine D supplements each morning to make up for what I’m missing, and I use a therapy lamp to simulate sunlight in the morning.

You feel way more energized and awake during the day. I would highly recommend it to anyone who feels exhausted in winter.”

11. Time to stop.

“Cutting out al**hol.

I don’t criticize anyone who drinks but I was a problem drinker.

Stopping that cycle improved everything about my life.”

12. Give it a shot.

“I was very shy and self-conscious, but at some point I started just living how I wanted. I already wasn’t popular, so what was I risking? Girls still wouldn’t be interested?

I guess I just started doing things I’d been afraid to do before, including being more outgoing. I know this sounds like generic advice but it really worked for me.

Every time your brain says “No, that wouldn’t work out” or “No, what would people think” or any other version of “No, don’t try,” it’s a perfect opportunity to do something you feel drawn to! Dye your hair pink.

Try painting even though you “know” you’ll suck at it. Fart and then say “It was me.” Ok, maybe not the last one.”

13. Boundaries are good.

“Learning to be okay with saying “no” and starting off all relationships (personal and professional) with healthy boundaries.

You don’t ever need an excuse to say “no” to if you don’t want to do something.

Don’t feel like going out with friends that night? No thank you.

Don’t want to work an extra shift at your place of employment if it’s not mandatory? No thanks boss!

Boundaries are amazing, and when set from the beginning, they are much easier to maintain for your own mental well being.”

14. Let go of your ego.

“Letting my pride and ego take hits. I used to have been such a ‘me, me, me’ person in my early life.

When I allowed myself to be taken down a peg or two, I started having new perspectives on life and people around me.”

15. A big one!

“Throwing out ALL my socks and buying a single type.

No more looking for pairs.”

What have you done that made your quality of life so much better?

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