A Guy Created a Fake Traffic Jam on Google Maps With a Wagon Full of iPhones

©Wikimedia Commons

We rely on our iPhones for so many things in our daily lives, but one performance artist in Berlin, Germany decided to use our beloved devices for evil. Or for funny, depending on who you talk to.

Simon Weckert wheeled a red wagon full of 99 iPhones around the streets of Berlin in order to create a fake traffic jam. Like I said, evil or funny depending on who got caught up in the traffic jam.

Photo Credit: YouTube

In his official artist statement about the project, Weckert said, “what is the relationship between the art of enabling and techniques of supervision, control, and regulation in Google’s maps? Do these maps function as dispositive nets that determine the behavior, opinions, and images of living beings, exercising power and controlling knowledge?”

Photo Credit: YouTube

Google Maps works by continuously pinging smartphones that are using location services, so you know this caused quite an uproar to that app when Weckert showed up with his red wagon.

Photo Credit: YouTube

The folks at Google Maps said they appreciated Weckert’s prank because it alerts them to more hacks and will help them make their app more efficient.

Weckert said his project was meant to “draw attention to the blind trust that many people have in tech companies and platforms.”

Watch the video below to see how Simon Weckert pulled off this little bit of mischief!

You have to admit that this prank is pretty funny! We sure think so!