Girl Scouts Set up a Table Outside a Chicago Weed Dispensary and Sold Several Hundred Boxes

©Wikimedia Commons

You know what two of the greatest things in the world are?

Smoking weed and eating Girl Scout cookies!

Some young Girl Scouts in Chicago put two and two together and decided to set up a stall selling their delicious treats outside a weed dispensary. Marijuana became legal on January 1 and, of course, it’s a game-changer for a lot of residents there. Dispensary 33 in Chicago shared this tweet to let their customers know what was up.

Dispensary 33 also sells a strain of weed called “Girl Scout Cookie”, so this was obviously a perfect combination from the start.

And the Girl Scouts who set up shop there ended up selling “several hundred boxes” of cookies.

The people at Dispensary 33 agreed it was a good day as well. They said, “The response was incredibly positive. People were so excited… our customers loved it, our staff loved it. I encourage other troops to reach out and sell some cookies – I’m sure they’d have some good numbers.”

These kids today, huh…?

I think we have some successful future businesswomen on our hands here…