A Guy Turned His Cat into a Total Badass with 3D Printed Armor


We all know our kitties are rough, tough, and mean as all get out…when they want to be. But wouldn’t it be great if they could go into an even more badass mode? Kick the badass-ery up a notch?

Plus, let’s face it: people love to dress their pets up in funny costumes.

Well, your prayers have been answered, friends!

A fella who goes by the name Jwall from a company called Print That Thing recently unveiled 3D armor for his cat, Bobo.


And Jwall is such a good guy that he offered up the exact instructions of how he made the 3D printed armor in a YouTube video. Jwall said, “We started off first just drawing out how we wanted the overall look and vibe of the armor to be,” said Jwall, “and I suggested that it should have spikes, because I always pet [Bobo] in a reverse pattern so his hair’s all crazy and he looks like a spiky tiger.”

You just know that every other cat in the neighborhood will now be terrified of Bobo. We’re talking full-on attack mode here.

Here’s the whole video for your viewing enjoyment.

As an extra bonus, here’s a second video of Jwall showing viewers how to make a 3D printed armor HELMET for your cat. The helmet was designed by a guy named Craig Peterson. Now the full outfit can be complete, and your kitty can conquer the world.

I think this is going to be HUGE. The 3D printing is pretty impressive, if I do say so myself. Check out Print That Thing’s website if you need help bringing your 3D idea to life!