A.I. Can Generate Hyper-Realistic Pictures From Random Sentences

Technology seems to be moving at the speed of light these days and here’s yet another example of a groundbreaking achievement.

An artificial intelligence company called OpenAI created a tool that allows any descriptive sentence to be turned into realistic images and art.

The tool is called DALL·E 2 and can create imagery because it has been fed countless pictures and has been trained to create imagery.

People on Twitter were pretty psyched about the new tool and offered up suggestions of what they wanted to see it do.

Here’s one example.

And here’s an interesting one that someone dreamed up…

And the tool delivered!

The people at OpenAI said that safety measures were put in place to make sure the DALL·E 2 software can not produce v**lent images or spread misinformation.

Here’s a nice one from an employee at OpenAI.

And this guy who also works at OpenAI shared his creation.

Open AI has no plans to release DALL·E 2 to the public but we’ll have to keep an eye on that…

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