A “Karen” Calls Police When a Black Family Uses the Hotel Pool

Photo credit: Instagram

Yes, folks, the world CAN get enough of Karens. As a matter of fact, the sooner they disappear, the better.

In another episode of “Living While Black,” a white woman who was an employee of the Hampton Inn in Williamston, North Carolina called the cops on a Black family swimming in the hotel pool.

The woman insisted the family prove they were staying at the hotel. When they refused, she proceeded to call the cops. The family matriarch, Missy Williams-Wright, shared the video of the incident on Facebook to shocked friends. Of course, it quickly went viral.


In the video, Williams-Wright refused to give the woman her information and said that she noticed that the white people who were swimming were left alone.

The other shocker? The police didn’t believe her either, ran her plates and checked her name against the hotel guest list. The employee told the cops that it was the manager who wanted to know.

Outrage ensued on social media, with the majority of people siding with Williams-Wright and demanding the hotel fire the employee. Sensing a media onslaught, Hampton Inn did the right thing and sent a message down from corporate that the woman had lost her job.

Currently, the manager and police officers, who were also called to be fired, still have their jobs. The police department has yet to respond to the public outcry.

How many times is this going to happen before people learn a valuable lesson? Have you witnessed this type of behavior first hand?

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