A Man Finds Caterpillars in His Broccoli and Decides to Raise Them as Pets

Photo credit: Twitter

At one point or another, we’ve all found insects in our fruits and veggies. But how many of us decided to raise them as pets?

According to the USDA, some bugs are allowed in our food (meaning that if you swallow some in your lifetime, you won’t get sick). We just can’t get rid of them all.

Broccoli, for example, sometimes has caterpillars crawling on it. After finding them on his groceries, a British man named Sam Darlaston decided to give them a home.

When he bought more broccoli, he found more caterpillars.

He set them up in their own home and starting posting their journey.

Two had become the best of friends.

They began to develop individual personalities.

Then they started to evolve. This didn’t happen all at onceโ€”some took a little longer than others.

And then, one dayโ€”a pretty butterfly emerged. Cedric was the first.

Sam gave them life and in doing so, it was time to set them free.

And he released one on the air live with the BBC audience listening.

His story even reached the US.

All in all, Sam raised seven caterpillars who all matured as expected. They became butterflies and went out on an adventure that they probably wouldn’t have had were it not for him.

Sam said that their release was bittersweet, and he misses watching them grow. But he shouldn’t worryโ€”there’s always more broccoli.

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