A Meteorologist Called His Kids While on the Air When He Realized a Tornado Was Headed Right for His Home

Moms and dads are gonna be moms and dads first and foremost, even if they have to interrupt their jobs to do it.

And a meteorologist in the Washington, D.C. area named Doug Kammerer didn’t hesitate to call his children when he was on live TV when he realized that a tornado was heading straight for his home.

Here’s the video of Kammerer making the call to his children.

Kammerer later tweeted about how he felt at that moment on live television.

And people who saw the meteorologist on TV shared their thoughts.

This person thought Kammerer did an excellent job.

And this Tweeter said he showed how you can be a good father and be good at your job at the same time.

Another person praised Kammerer for his multitasking.

And another man who lives halfway across the country praised Kammerer as well.

Great job, sir!

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