A Person Decided to Get Revenge in Epic Fashion on Their Terrible Next Door Neighbors

Have you ever had next door neighbors or even neighbors in your building who are so loud and inconsiderate that it drives you nuts?

I have! And let me tell you…it’s not very fun…

But for all of you who have had to deal with this, here’s a story that should make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Take a look.

Party every night for a year? Ok…

“So I was told this story might fit here. Sorry for poor formatting or grammar. I went to school in California in the 90s.

I bought a house 4 years ago in a quiet neighborhood. I had wanted to get into that neighborhood for years. My best fried lives there. It was a couple blocks from my kids school. It was a good neighborhood. Then covid hit.

My neighbors across the street were forced to move at the beginning of the pandemic before the eviction moratorium was in place. They were really good neighbors. We were friendly with each other and we were sad to see them go. So when the property owner rented to a new family we were hoping we could cultivate a friendly relationship. Unfortunately that was not the case.

About a month after they moved in the lock down started. And that’s when things went from 0-100 real quick. For the next year every night there was a huge party. Cars down the street music so loud you could hear it over regular house noise in every room in my house. My friend in the next cul-de-sac would text me regularly if the music he was hearing was my neighbors.

We tried to be civil. I asked politely. I brought them beer I offered some killer 420. Eventually they threatened me an my wife so we started calling the police. Almost every night for 4 months. We organized with the neighbors. And they started calling the police as well.

Eventually the others gave up and started selling their houses because the renters were just that bad. We were still upside down on our place so it wasn’t an option for us. Eventually the police told me that I needed to stop calling and that it wasn’t their issue to deal with. That I was a bigger nuisance than the renters music.

It was at that time the housing market was taking off. Houses were selling in my area for 40-50k over appraisal value. My wife and I looked at what we needed to make so we could move and listed our home for that.

In three days we had a handful of obscene offers to choose one. But it was the lowest offer that stood out to us the most. Their offer was a good 20k under the next lowest but They sent a letter. I’m a sucker for a letter especially one with a picture of a young pregnant couple and a dog… and a patrol car?

Turns out the young man is a police officer newly appointed at the local PD. And he takes his patrol car home. I knew at that point that this was the family to sell my house to, money be d**ned. I moved out as the neighbors were throwing a huge party. The next day the police moved in and they haven’t had another since.

I drive by regularly on my way to my buddies place. They just sit quietly in their garage looking bored. I make sure I honk and wave every time.”

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