A Pregnant Woman Asked a Disabled Person for Their Seat on a Bus. Were They Wrong?

Well, this is gonna be a tricky one…

Should a pregnant woman feel guilty for asking a disabled person for their seat on a bus?

Like I said…tricky…

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AITA for asking a disabled person for their seat on the bus?

“For context, I am currently 8 months pregnant. Normally I drive, but due to the layout of the city I was in this week, it made more sense for me to take the bus.

When I got on the bus, it was very full and all the seats were taken, including the priority seating at the front. There were 2 rows of priority seats, with the first row occupied by 2 elderly men, and the second by two teenage/early 20s girls, who didn’t look visibly disabled.

Seeing this, I asked the girls if they would let me sit down (not rudely, to be clear, just a normal “excuse me, would you mind letting me sit?”).

One of the girls took offense to my question and snapped, “Having someone cum in you was your choice. My disability isn’t. You can stand.”

I was pretty taken aback and somebody else let me sit in their seat, but the man I ended up next to, who had heard the interaction, scolded me by saying I shouldn’t have assumed that someone sitting in the priority seats didn’t deserve to be there.

AITA for requesting a seat on the bus?”

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