“A Quiet Place II” Officially Has Its First Trailer

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

When you’re surrounded by creatures that hunt by sound, you’ll do whatever it takes to not make any. That’s the idea behind 2018’s hit film A Quiet Place.

When A Quiet Place opened in theaters, critics and fans alike left already on the lookout for a sequel. I mean, we got a real cliffhanger ending there; what happens with the Abbots and the isolated farm after they survive the blood-thirsty aliens?

Fret no more. A Quiet Place II will be released in March, 2020, and now we have a trailer.

The trailer starts with a flashback to the day the blind, murderous, super-good-at-hearing aliens arrive on Earth. Evelyn, played by Emily Blunt, is driving her car with kids Regan, Marcus and Beau. Captioned as Day 1, it’s a pivotal part of the story that jump-starts the thrilling terror.

Then, we move on to what we assume happened after the first film ended. Evelyn, Regan and Marcus, along with Evelyn’s newborn, are on foot, carrying their belongings on a journey through a desolate landscape…and still staying silent.

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

Are there more super-hearing monsters around? Probably.

A new survivor, played by Cillian Murphy, finds them and takes them in, it seems because of the children. He tells her, “The people that are left — they’re not the kind of people worth saving.”

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

And John Krasinski is back, buttttt only behind the camera as director. He and Blunt, his wife, are bringing us what looks to be a fun, terrifying conclusion to a story that managed to keep us on the edge of our seats from the beginning.