I’ve met some fellas named Ryan who I absolutely adore…and I’ve met some that I’d rather never see or talk to again for as long as I live.

Well, all you Ryans out there…your day of reckoning is here…

Prepare to be burned to a crisp.

1. Offended to the max.

2. There’s no escape over here. 

3. Got a full essay out of this.

4. Maybe? Maybe not?

5. A clear and present danger.

6. Over it 100%.

7. They have a secret society.

8. Throwing a lot of them under the bus.

9. Ain’t that the truth?

10. You will not even get a morning greeting.

11. Not holding back.

12. Watch your step.

13. GTF out of here.

14. Nasty Ryan in the morning!

15. And there you have it…

Wow. The bad Ryans are really giving the good Ryans out there a bad name.

What have your experiences with all those Ryans out there been like?

Tell us about it in the comments…and if your name is Ryan, we really want to hear from you.