There Is a Simple Way to Tell Whether or Not Your Favorite Item at Costco Will Soon Be Discontinued


There are many, many benefits that come with membership at a big box store like Costco, some of which people don’t even realize (my parents just used their membership to get a bunch of money off a car, for instance).

Their prices are hard to beat (even at Amazon), but if you shop there, you know the unique fear of going back to stock up on a favorite, only to find they’re no longer carrying it.

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Costco is cheap because they carry only a limited number of each product, and they’re constantly checking to make sure there isn’t a better product out there that could replace one that’s not selling as well as it could be.

If just reading that gives you anxiety, well, here’s how you can prepare yourself – or stock up on your favorites – before they disappear without warning.

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The next time you’re at the store and pick up your favorite, check the tag for an asterisk near the price. If it’s there, then it won’t be restocked the next time it runs out.

It could be that other people haven’t discovered how awesome it is, or that the company is refusing to continue selling it to Costco at a low enough price, but no matter the reason, you might want to consider buying what they have left.

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My Costco has these cute porcelain bowls on sale! This is a set of 6, and it's $4 off! Prices may vary by location! ($8.99)

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Don’t freak out too much, though – there’s always the chance that the product might return in the future. That goes double for seasonal items, of course.

Lifehacker did some investigating on Costco and also found the following:

  • Prices that end in 97¢: These have been marked down from the regular priced items, which end in 99¢
  • Odd pricing, such as 79¢, 49¢, or 89¢: These indicate specially priced items that Costco got a deal from the manufacturer.
  • 88¢ or .00 endings: Manager markdowns. Sometimes the company uses these to move a product very fast.

Happy stocking up, friends!