A Teacher Goes Above and Beyond by Teaching Kids How to Wipe Properly

Photo Credit: Twitter, @gnuman1979

Being a teacher of young children has its challenges; not only do you teach about the alphabet and coloring inside the lines, you teach life lessons. Usually this entails how to get along with classmates and play nicely with friends.

But little kids need to learn personal life lessons, too. Things like how to properly wipe their rears… *Cue laughter*

One nameless teacher did just that, and the video went viral!

Since being released, this tweet racked up over 160K likes and almost 50K comments!

This is something that should probably be taught at home, but if it isn’t…well, someone’s got to do it. And she certainly does an ace job! With some serious prop work, too.

Those kids are totally wrapped up in her lesson, watching intently as she simulates wiping front to back, folding the toilet paper, and wiping again. She’s so clear with her movements, it’s frankly hard not to be impressed that she can take this seriously at all. But she is serious, I assume because hygiene is serious stuff.

In the United States butt-wiping is typically thought of as something parents cover at home, but on Twitter there were mixed responses to exactly who’s responsibility it is to teach such things.

I do agree kids need practice to help them understand how best to take care of their personal hygiene. And that’s why we get this innovative moment from a teacher going above and beyond.

Something to remember: teachers do more than what’s asked of them. They work hard and are raising our young to be productive members of society.

Productive…and clean-bottomed.