Get Psyched, Mountain Dew Lovers, Because There’s Now a Scented Candle Just for You


We all have our favorite soda. Mine happens to be good old Coca Cola Classic. But it doesn’t have much of a smell to it, does it?

Then there’s Mountain Dew, which has an unmistakable aroma, whether you’re a fan or not.

Well, a genius is now capitalizing on that smell and we’re all better for it. An Etsy shop called 716 Candle Co. is selling Mountain Dew-scented candles for only $15 a pop.

Photo Credit: Etsy

And in a Mountain Dew can, no less.

The candle is made from 100% soy wax from soybeans grown in America, and it’s supposed to burn for 40 hours (what a deal!).

You can also get the Diet Mountain Dew version if you’re a bigger fan of that soda.

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Let’s take a look at the reviews for the candle, shall we?

“Smells just like Mountain Dew, and amazing customer service! You won’t regret getting this!”

“Shipping was fast, candle smells exactly like Mountain Dew, and candle design was exactly as anticipated – a perfect gift for any Mountain Dew fanatic!”

“Just amazing and the seller made the fizzy pop scent custom for me. Much appreciated.”

It looks like this company also has a Dr. Pepper candle, but it’s currently sold out. Keep an eye out that one to add to your arsenal!

To all the soda lovers out there, what kind of candle do you want to get your hands on? RC? Jolt Cola, Cheerwine?

Let us know in the comments!