It’s an issue that divides friends, families, and foes.

No, I’m not talking about impeachment, or your favorite football team. I’m talking about…candy corn.

I’m kind of indifferent about the whole thing, but I will say that, as a kid, I was always less than thrilled when I got candy corn while trick or treating (which I stopped doing when I turned 24). Gimme the good stuff, please! I need Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Butterfingers, and Dum Dums.

According to a recent survey by, candy corn is the worst Halloween candy. They weren’t messing around, either. They conducted this survey like scientists in a lab. First, they looked at candy rankings from websites like Business Insider, Huffington Post, Bon Appetit, and Buzzfeed. then surveyed 40,000 of their own customers who buy candy from their website. They then combined all the information, crunched the numbers, and came up with definitive lists of the top 10 best and top 10 worst Halloween candies.

Here are the top 10 worst Halloween candies, according to the survey.

10. Bit-O-Honey

9. Good & Plenty

8. Licorice

7. Smarties

6. Tootsie Rolls

5. Necco Wafers

4. Wax Coke Bottles

3. Peanut Butter Kisses

2. Circus Peanuts (last year’s #1)

1. Candy Corn

Do you want to see the 10 best candies from the survey? Of course you do! Here you go.

10. Hershey Bar

9. Skittles

8. Sour Patch Kids

7. Butterfinger

6. Nerds

5. M&Ms

4. Kit Kat

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3. Twix

2. Snickers

1. Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

I know that readers want to weigh in on this very controversial topic. Share your thoughts with us in the comments!  Don’t be shy!