All of These Animals Have Very Unique Coloring. Let’s Take a Look.

Maybe you’ve been around the block a few times and been on this beautiful planet for a long time, so you think you’ve seen it all…

Well, think again, ladies and gents!

Because we’re about to bombard you with some unusual photos of animals that all have one thing in common: totally unique coloring that you don’t see very often…or maybe ever.

Have you ever seen a gold ladybug before? I didn’t think so…

Take a look at these pics and marvel at the wonders of our universe!

1. The only one on the planet.

At least, as far as we know about…

Only known albino hump back whale on the planet from RealLifeShinies

2. Wow. I hope they threw it back in the water.

The coloring on this is pretty amazing.

An iridescent thresher shark 🔥 from RealLifeShinies

3. A rare genetic condition.

But an absolutely beautiful one. Am I right?!?!

This alabaster kitten named Olive has half brown and half blue eyes due to a rare genetic condition named sectorial heterochromia iridis! from RealLifeShinies

4. The black doe.

A real beauty out in the forest.

A Black Doe from RealLifeShinies

5. Get a load of this baby!

How adorable is she?

Extremely rare white baby reindeer from aww

6. Never seen one of these before.

In the wilds of Maine.

what is this little golden beetle? Maine from whatsthisbug

7. Have you ever spotted a black flamingo?

I know I haven’t!

A black flamingo spotted in Cyprus, 2015 from RealLifeShinies

8. This is really amazing.

And very rare, also.

This is an Albino Wood Turtle , these are one of the rarest Turtle Morphs in the world . from interestingasfuck

9. I bet this thing is very poisonous.

I wouldn’t go near that thing if I were you…

🔥 Atelopus barbotini, a purple toad from NatureIsFuckingLit

10. Something looks a little bit out of place here.

Oh, I see it now!

Shiny Racoon from RealLifeShinies

11. You’re one in a million.

This one is for all the bird watchers out there.

Shiny Cardinal from RealLifeShinies

How about you?

Have you seen any animals or other things with really unusual coloring?

If so, please share some photos with us in the comments.

We’d love to hear from you! Thanks!