13 People Who Probably Regret Sending These Text Messages

These things we carry around in our pockets can sure be dangerous, huh?

I’m talking about our phones, people…not weapons or anything like that.

And you gotta admit that I’m right, because we’re all guilty of sending text messages that we regret in a major way. And it usually happens late at night after you might have had one too many Zimas…

So look at these messages and try not to follow the example of these folks, okay?

1. Not a good look.

You look desperate, buddy!

You can hear the desperation
by insadcringe

2. Seems like a very classy guy.

You gave him a shot, right?

3. “How do you feel about me…?”

You know that’s not gonna end well.

This hurts to read
byu/kilzy insadcringe

4. Well, that got weird in a hurry.

It’s time to love yourself.


5. This is incredible.



6. What’s your point?

I think that Matthew has a point…

My friend Matthew has no chill
byu/Dismade_ intexts

7. Not the response you were looking for.

Oh, you’re really crazy?

8. No refunds. Sorry about that.

Another great individual out on the prowl!


9. That didn’t go well.

Maybe if you do your laundry, things will change.


10. This is called having fun?

Hmmm, not as fun as you thought it would be.

11. Enough with the drugs!

You’re starting to sound foolish!

Moral: Don’t get high and listen to music
by intexts

12. A classic “Dad” joke.

As corny as you can imagine. But not the worst thing you can imagine…

Ho Malone or Post Malone
by inmemes

13. Gee, thanks Mom.

That should solve everything.


Now it’s your turn.

Have you ever sent any text messages that you REALLY regretted later on?

I bet you have!

If so, please share your stories with us in the comments. We’d love to hear from you!