All of These Tweets Got 100,000+ Retweets, So You Know They’re Great

Do you love all the tweets? Well, all of these bad boys got over 100,000 retweets because they’re all friggin’ hilarious. You better get your stuff together and up your Twitter game if you want to compete with these folks!

But hey, maybe you’re not into competition. Maybe you just want to be a spectator. And to that I say, “Awesome!” We don’t all have to play the one-up game. We can just sit back, read, laugh and enjoy. There’s nothing wrong with that, right?

So what are we waiting for?

Here are some of the funniest tweets from some of Twitter’s finest.

1. I feel the same way, to be completely honest

2. Always the way it goes. And that’s how it is.

3. “Look at how amazing I am!”


4. Yep. Always and forever.


5. That guy! I want to be him!

6. Oh shoot… they’re gonna win in the end!


7. Story of my morning life


8. Da best in da whole world, fam!

9. Hahaha… found!

10. oh fugggg…

11. You want to fight, eh?


12. King of the trash!

13. Who dat?


14. Wut?


So, real talk… something I think about a lot is that if aliens ever visit earth we’ll have to try to explain that we actually think all of these tweets are worthy of such praise. Would we have a hard time with that? Would the aliens just look at us, shake their head and then annihilate us?


You got a favorite kind of tweet? Or a favorite Twitter account? Or a few favorite Twitter accounts?

Tell us about them in the comments. So we can go find them ALL!