Amazon Is Selling a “Ghost-Detecting” Stone That Claims to Sense Visits from the Beyond

Image Credit: Amazon

It’s nearly October, which means those of us who revel in all of the Halloween goodness are about to have their month in the sun (or the darkness).

If that means doing a little ghost hunting, well, you could always pick up this Baketan Reiseki from Amazon.

The stone, which allegedly detects the presence of ghosts via “crystals” and colorful lights, could be the perfect addition to your holiday decorations – and it just might let you know why it always sounds like someone’s knocking on the walls at night!

Image Credit: Amazon

According to a press release, the ghost detector became “a big hit in the sub-culture market” in Japan, with people everywhere sending in “ghost reports” after having the little device in their homes.

They sold more than 200,000 of the Baketan Reiseki in Japan before trying their luck on Amazon.

The name of the device has a literal meaning: Baketan = to search for a monster, Reiseki = stone. So it’s a stone that searches for ghosts.

If you’re looking to check your immediate surroundings for paranormal visitors, the stone uses a color-coded light system to do just that. It lights up green when there’s nothing unusual around, turns blue if there’s an “angel” present, and flashes red if a “ghost” enters the area.

Image Credit: Amazon

You can also operate your stone in three different modes. The first is “search mode,” activated by pressing a button, for when you want to manually check the area around you. Next is “automatic search mode,” which means the stone scans the area every ten minutes and flashes the appropriate color afterward. Lastly, you can run it in “barrier mode,” which claims to protect you from spirits (no word on how).

The makers of the Baketan Reiseki claim its power comes from a center made from cracked quartz (the most abundant mineral on Earth), which many believe harbors supernatural healing powers.

Image Credit: Amazon

Website Energy Muse states that quartz is “versatile and multidimensional,” functioning as “a stone of amplification, clarity, and focus.”

Cracked quartz, however, represents “the life lessons, barriers, and obstacles.”

So, you know…it might work. Or it might not do anything. But even if the latter is true, it’s still a fun thing to keep on your coffee table during the month of October.

And if it turns red, well, then you might need to invest in some sage and learn how to use it.