AMC Has a Black Icee in Honor of the New ‘Addams Family’ Movie

©AMC Theatres

I’ve been waiting for a black Icee almost my entire life, and now here it is!

I guess you could say this is my personal peak. Is that sad? I’ll let you be the judge.

But I digress: in honor of the new animated version of The Addams Family that hits theaters on October 11, AMC will sell a black cherry Icee that is totally jet black. Boom!

The Spooky Black Cherry Icee will be available at the concession stand at AMC Theaters, and you know what the really good news is? It’s gonna turn your tongue black when you drink it so you can run around the lobby after the movie is over and creep out people waiting in line!

Going to the movies has never been so much fun.

If you’re a youngin’, let me fill you in with a brief history of The Addams Family. The characters are based on a comic strip by artist Charles Addams that ran in The New Yorker from 1938-1988. There was a live-action version of The Addams Family on TV in the 1960s (in glorious black and white) and then the early 1990s saw a revival of the characters with two feature films.

AMC released a similar black Icee drink this summer for the release of Men in Black: International, and I’m sure there were a whole lot of black tongues at those showings as well.

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The minute I got this I thought ‘yeah, that’s gonna do stuff to my insides!’ The @amctheatres @meninblack #blackcherryicee . . . #mib #mibinternational #icee #amc #theaters #moviefood #moviefoods #drink #movies #moviesnacks #moviesnack #junkfoodie #randomnerd #nerd #nerdygirl #geek #geekgirl #randomnerd?

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Here’s the trailer for the new film that comes out on October 11.

See you at the theater with my black Icee in hand!